Isabella Nazzarri (b. 1987 in Livorno, Italy)

Lives and works in Milan

Her practice is focused on painting as a daily gesture and essential, but at the same time always projected towards an elsewhere romantic and desired. Through a slow process of choice, she attempt to give life to my personal epiphanies of travel.

Through travel and observation, Isabella Nazzarri produce a personal photo archive of the places she visit and then develop them into paintings through a practice that slowly moves away from photographic reality to reach the magmatic nature of the material. 

Her favorite subject is nature, in the completeness of its elements: visions where water merges with earth and air with fire, looking for that primordial vital energy that began the birth of the world.

Hers is a symbolic painting. The colors that The artist choose to use are always symbolic of what they mean. Paintings always begin with a dark background, then the colors become lighter and more vivid, and as the light advances, the figurative image gives way to a luminous vision, with undefined contours, where the color is never static nor is the form fixed. A scenario between here and a dreamed elsewhere.


  3. FAIRS



Daily gestures, online exhibition on Artnet curated by Donna Leatherman LLC, New york


Pitture necessarie for Supergiovane, text by Mattia Lapperier, Mac Mahon 49, Milano


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Fractalia, Circoloquadro, curated by Arianna Beretta, Milan, IT

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Oltre Orizzonte, curated by Vanni Cuoghi, Tito Balestra Foundation, Longiano, Italy


Rejuvenation – A study of light (online exhibition) curated by Kensu Oteng,

Nulla dies sine linea for The Others Art Fair, Supergiovane, Turin


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