Pitture di evasione

I elaborated the concept of abstraction through the appearance of environments with defined horizons and horizontal elements that bring back to the landscape.
The purpose of my works has always been to let go of the control and to make the images appear on the canvas with the same fluidity in which thoughts evolve over time. In the same way I want the viewer to be able to enjoy that free evolution and escape from the lucid and organized everyday life to which we are all subjected. Differently from the “Movimenti” series, fluctuating abstractions without horizons, the “Pitture di evasione” series propose an environment, a series of plans aimed at accompanying even more the observer to cross the painting. The depictions that emerge from the colors are always dreamy and metaphysical, the nature of vibrant colors that praise the force of nature. Mysterious starry quarries, variegated mountains and flat surfaces overlap in a play of texture, in a constant balance between noise and movement.
As a traveler I often let myself be influenced also by places far from my culture, but the main baggage of forms always remains my territory of origin. When you are born in a place you are totally traversed by it and in the end those forms enter you and are rooted in a visual dictionary made of memories.
The memory is the starting point, but the journey continues for a long time until it reaches a point of balance where the past and the present meet and the colors match the general feeling of the painting. It is usually magic, mystery, poetry and memory. Surprise and of course escape.