Epifanies/Gold Room is an installation that I’ve presented during my exhibition Clinamen, curated by Daniele Capra at Abc Arte Gallery in 2017.

“The Gold Room is dedicated to new sculptures made of synthetic materials, which evoke the feel of a constellation of metaphysical and surprising rocks, as a revelation of something we can not known or understand. The space is transformed in an aerial landscape to see above our head dreaming of far-away worlds. Are they the intermundia inhabited by the gods who do not care about us, as Epicurus reported?”

 Daniele Capra

Epifanies is part of Gold Room consists of a series of rock looking masses suspened from the ceiling for creating a metaphisical dimension. this installation starts from the idea of ​​a distant and apparently immobile world like that of the universe. The stones are made of scenographic material and painted in gold. Gold represents the spirituality and sacred value of this installation, where the stones appear heavy and light at the same time, in a silent conflict between stasis and movement.